Starbucks Employees

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Starbucks Employees

Starbucks may be everywhere, but a lot of work happens behind the scenes that isn’t visible to the average consumer: and the “partners”—what Starbucks calls its employees—say the work isn’t always easy. Thousands of Starbucks employees around the world have used’s resources to call for improvements in their workplaces, and they’ve won remarkable changes. From dress code updates to expanded paid parental leave to access to safe needle disposal in stores to scheduling and wage enhancements, Starbucks baristas have successfully stood together.

In addition to encouraging each other to speak out about the issues important to them, workers at other companies have been inspired by the success of Starbucks baristas and decided to campaign for change in their own workplaces.

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In 2021, is hosting a series of virtual discussions with experts in the field of workplace safety and health to answer questions from Starbucks baristas.


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Looking for information on how to effect change in the workplace?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive resource library to help guide your efforts. From knowing your rights to organizing your workplace, there’s something for everyone.

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