Rising from the Rank-and-File: Welcoming Coworker’s New Executive Director


next generation leader. Nur, executive director. Coworker.org

On the cusp of Coworker’s 10th anniversary, and on International Workers’ Day, we are thrilled to announce Nur's appointment as Executive Director! Since 2019, Nur has been a huge part of what makes Coworker great. They embody the strategic vision, values, and dedication to take Coworker to its next phase.

Nur came to Coworker with almost a decade of grassroots organizing, leadership development and campaign experience, having served as the North Carolina Lead Organizer for the National Domestic Workers Alliance - We Dream in Black, a former board member and organizer for North Carolina’s Durham For All, and a union organizer with SEIU’s Fight For $15 campaign in the southeast.

“I am thrilled that Nur has agreed to lead Coworker through its next phase. Nur’s deep connection to the working class is combined with the sharp intellect, moral clarity and passionate creativity necessary at this moment in the labor movement. They are a great balance of both tenderness and toughness. It will be truly exciting to see where they lead this work.” 

Co-Founder and former Co-Director, Michelle Miller


Nur started their political journey after signing a petition in 2008 for the Raise The Wage campaign, at the time making $8/hr in customer service. They grew up in a working-class household and know firsthand how impossible it is to survive on low wages and in poor working conditions, and the rippling impact this has on a person’s entire well-being and family. 

Nur joined Team Coworker five years ago as a campaign strategist through the Kairos Fellowship, supporting and collaborating with workers across industries to make meaningful changes in the workplace. They’ve been a consistent source of clarity, vision, and stability during the past two years of leadership transition and change at Coworker. They have navigated every challenge and opportunity with humility, care, joy, and a grounded, forward-present vision. Their commitment to Coworker’s mission is deeply rooted in their personal experience of being a worker, and a strong belief that anyone can be an organizer and agent for change. They have proven to be an invaluable asset to the organization, demonstrating the skill, vision and determination of an effective leader, ready to take Coworker into its next chapter.

“This is a critical moment for the labor movement and for workers everywhere, when unions are surging in popularity, but too many workers are still shut-out of opportunities to organize their workplaces. Nur has played a leading role in sharpening the organization's focus and realigning its work to more directly confront power in our workplaces and our economy. They are a savvy, compassionate, and deeply trusted leader on the team and with the many workers they've supported over the years. I'm so thrilled that Nur is stepping into the role of Executive Director to guide the organization through this exciting next chapter.” 

Co-Founder and former Co-Director, Jess Kutch

This International Workers’ Day, we celebrate 10 years of collective action and worker-led progress here at Coworker. Across the country, everyday people use Coworker to take the brave first step, or advance in improving their workplaces, moving us all towards a more equitable and democratic economy. In deep alignment with our new theory of change, Coworker is sharpening our commitments, infrastructure and resources to better support all workers who turn to our platform to take action, particularly those who need it most. While we reflect on lessons learned and battles won over the past decade, we move forward in the fight for a better future for all.

In solidarity,

Team Coworker