For Workers in Tech

Google employees hold signs during a walkout to protest how the tech giant handled sexual misconduct in Mountain View, California, U.S., on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018. The mass walkout was sparked by a recent New York Times report that claimed Google gave millions of dollars to some executives in secret exit packages after they were accused of sexual misconduct. Photographer: Michael Short/Bloomberg via Getty Images

For Workers in Tech

In recent years, tech companies have faced increased scrutiny, both externally and internally, as public awareness of their power and influence rose. Workers in this industry are coming together and embracing their collective power to advocate for critical changes. Whether fighting sexual harassment, advocating to end forced arbitration clauses, speaking out against contracts and business relationships they see as unethical, unjust, or predatory, or taking bold stances against their companies’ role in the climate crisis, workers are orchestrating walkouts, building networks, and launching campaigns every day.

Do you consider yourself a tech worker or someone who works in the tech industry?

Coworker provides support to organizing efforts in the tech industry and is here for employees ready to take action. Coworker provides people working in tech with expert support, in-person media and know-your-rights training, legal research, and more. Since 2016, we’ve provided pro bono education and training to employees and contractors at Google, Amazon, and other major tech firms with concerns about diversity and equity, working conditions, and the impact of technology on human and civil rights at their companies.

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