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    What is work?

    At Coworker, we believe people should have agency and power in their work lives. Most of us will spend a third of our adult lives at work—more time than we will spend with our families, in school, or participating in our community’s civic life. And yet many of us are silenced and unseen at our jobs. We deserve to have a voice in shaping our working conditions and the ways in which work happens. We are powerful, and together, we can transform our jobs and workplaces.

    Coworker is the leading global peer-based platform designed specifically to support workers of all kinds to spark true change in the workplace. Our team of advocacy experts and organizers back workers and groups alike by offering proven education and training, strategic support, research, data analysis, and a range of advocacy tools.

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    Are you a tech worker seeking a platform for change?

    Coworker provides training and support to organizing efforts in the tech industry. We’re here for employees ready to take action. Together we can build an industry that values equity and is committed to using tech for good.

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    Coworker invests in power-building ideas and projects by and for workers. Our team helps workers launch their own organizations, create tools for solving workplace problems, learn more about a systemic problem in a particular industry, and more.

    But don’t just take our word for it.

    “My coworkers and I created a campaign on to raise wages at our Southern restaurant chain — and it worked! Customers began asking about our petition, and a local newspaper ran a story about it. The restaurant responded by raising pay. helps employees join together and win change.”

    Alia T., Bartender

    “Whether they’re seeking better pay or working conditions, employees—especially low-wage workers—have typically had to traverse a tough road of organizing to get their message across and then getting others to listen. Now, dozens of employee networks have found a new place to gather, organize, and create change:”

    Fast Company, July 6, 2015

    "They didn't drive the strategy; they helped us with our existing strategy. Workers were in charge, and Coworker was facilitating."

    Liz Fong-Jones, former Google employee

    The White House Summit on Worker Voice

    "Workers are organizing online at sites like to fight for new protections...We've got to find new ways that they can express solidarity. And that's where technology can help."

    - President Barack Obama

    Oct. 7, 2015

    "Few people understand the complex legal language included in employment contracts. Through, I had an appropriate platform to notify the public of little known arbitration clauses being included in employment contracts which limit workers' rights. My campaign allowed me to contact current and former employees, and to create positive change for workers."

    Tara Z., Former WeWork employee

    "The #MeToo Movement gave me the courage to share what happened to me. I decided to launch a campaign on to address my own experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace. Through my petition, I was able to form a leadership team with women across the country who've experienced similar treatment. We collaborated on a petition delivery, met with elected officials, told our story in the media, and even created special t-shirts to promote our campaign. The fight isn't over, but now I've got a strong group of women to back me up."

    Rylinda R., former Comcast Employee

    "If our existing unions are too shackled to the past to reinvent themselves...then other pro-worker, tech-savvy, fleet-of-foot social innovators are likely to step forward. ...For campaigns at specific workplaces [there are] platforms such as"

    Wired UK, Jan. 12, 2017

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    When you share your email address with us, we'll send you news about workers using to make positive change in your industry, resources for improving your workplace, and occasional surveys. (Read the full terms and conditions here.)