Employees have taken action with the support of coworkers, consumers and community supporters to improve their workplaces using Coworker.org. Here are some of our favorite victories:


COVID-19 Protections

After tens of thousands of USPS employees sign a worker-led petition, multiple sitting US Senators write letters to the Postmaster General elevating worker demands for increased protections from COVID-19, leading to safety improvements.

Transit and healthcare employees win access to paid sick leave during the pandemic following successful campaigns.

Tekiah Elzey, a former New Seasons Market employee, who started a campaign on Coworker.org to reinstate hazard pay.

COVID-19 Hazard Pay

In the spring of 2020, workers at Albertsons/Safeway, H-E-B, Kroger, Market of Choice and New Seasons Market win hazard pay and/or boosts in compensation after successful campaigns on Coworker.org.

Victories - Starbucks


Starbucks expands paid parental leave to barista dads and adoptive parents, updates its scheduling technology to prevent “clo-penings”, allows employees to have visible tattoos and dyed hair, and placed safe needle disposal receptacles in bathrooms after baristas spoke out.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a worker-led campaign leads Starbucks to suspend business with pay at many locations. A subsequent victory leads the company to suspend its “happy hour” promotion, reducing the volume of customers in stores. Most recently, the company commits to a $15 starting wage for all employees after years of employee activism on wage-related issues.

Victories - Uber


After thousands of Uber drivers join together, the rideshare company adds an in-app tipping feature.

Victories - Etsy


In response to a campaign started by an engineer at Etsy, the e-commerce company commits to goals designed to improve the company’s impact on the world.

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Victories - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo announces that it will eliminate product sales goals after employees reported that they faced unreasonable pressure to meet the bank’s excessive sales targets.

Victories - Publix


Publix updates its dress code to allow associates to grow beards and goatees after employees across the country called on the grocery chain to #FreeTheBeard.

Victories - REI


REI increases wages for employees at the company’s outdoor retail stores across the country and is posting workers’ schedules further in advance.

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Not sure where to start?

We're here to help!

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Victories - FIFA


After professional players speak out, FIFA assures soccer star Abby Wambach that the Women’s World Cup would never again be played on artificial turf.

Victories - Drag Performers

Drag Performers

Multiple venues in the San Francisco Bay Area commit to paying a minimum booking fee to drag performers after the community spoke out about unfair compensation.

Victories - Amazon


Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Chicago win time off with pay - for the first time - during extreme heat.

Victories - Cinemark


Cinemark employees win the right to have visible tattoos at work after a successful campaign inspires a change in dress code policy. 

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