Report: The Changing Landscape of Temporary Work


The Changing Landscape of Temporary Work

Coworker’s report examines the changing landscape of temporary work, highlighting the evolution from traditional staffing agencies to app-based gig platforms, as well as the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI).  Additionally, a Coworker national survey conducted to understand how Black women are navigating the post-pandemic economy found that Black women switch between freelance, temporary, and gig work.  The survey also found that the potential for disproportionate economic hardship and displacement is high among Black women, who, on top of searching for full-time jobs (and jumping between different types of temporary work), also juggle caretaking and other household responsibilities.

Key Findings:

  • Technology mediated temporary, freelance, and gig work has expanded into specialized fields such as healthcare, IT, and finance, showcasing the diversity and growth of the temporary work landscape.
    • For example: Nomad Health: A 2015 startup focusing on health, illustrating the expansion of gig platforms into specialized professional fields.
  • This trend is being fueled by significant investment from venture capital firms, indicating a strong investor belief in the gig economy's growth potential.
    • For example, ShiftMed: Founded in 2019, a health sector app that has received $245M in funding, showing significant investment in healthcare staffing solutions.
    • Fiverr, founded in 2010, has received $111M funding from venture capital. 
  • The diversity of launch years and sectors covered by these apps reflects the evolving landscape of temporary and gig work, emphasizing the increasing reliance on technology to meet labor market demands.
  • In 2022, the global temporary work market was valued at $505.1 billion and is expected to grow at a 6% rate per year until it reaches $768.13 billion by 2030. This rapid growth, combined with the diversification of roles and the influx of venture capital, underscores the temporary work and gig economy's evolving nature and its increasing significance within the broader labor market.
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The Changing Landscape
of Temporary Work


From Agencies, Apps, to AI

By Wilneida Negrón, PhD