The Changing Landscape of Temporary Work

BACK TO BLOG Report: The Changing Landscape of Temporary Work FEB 14, 2024 | TEAM COWORKER Coworker’s report examines the changing landscape of temporary work, highlighting the evolution from traditional staffing agencies to app-based gig platforms, as well as the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI).  Additionally, a Coworker national survey conducted to understand how

BACK TO BLOG Response to the White House OSTP’s Request for Information on Automated Worker Surveillance and Management JUNE 18, 2023 | TEAM COWORKER To Whom It May Concern: We write to offer public comment on the request for information published on May 2, 2023 (Document 2023-09353). Coworker welcomes this public consultation by the White

A pattern that ad brokers normalized with the broad collection and aggregation of consumer data in the late 1990s and 2000s, is now happening with labor and employment data.

We chose to move forward with an Interim role to create the spaciousness needed to move the most impactful, sustainable and transformative work possible during this transitional period.

At the end of March, our beloved Co-Founders will be transitioning out of their roles and we’ll be making some major changes to how we do our work in order to support workers in the ways they need us now.

As an organization supporting workers to fight for dignity and respect at work, it’s vital that we’re applying that lens to our own workplace and fighting to make it better every day.

90% of drivers surveyed said Uber and Lyft’s per-trip fuel surcharge “is not sufficient to help with gas prices.”

While global civil society and privacy advocates have been documenting the use of biometric identity identification software the past four years, their use is becoming more prevalent in the US and globally.

A panel discussion about the history of Black labor justice, the urgency to fight the challenges Black people are currently facing at work, and the need to visualize and build a future where Black labor and leadership are centered, valued, and respected.

Is your employer backed by private equity or facing bankruptcy? From potential job losses to lower wages and more, keep reading about what to watch for and how to protect yourself and your coworkers.