Meet Our New Interim Executive Director


Raland Headshot

In the past three months, Coworker’s staff and board have worked together to hire an Interim Executive Director that meets the changing needs of our organization. Read more about how we’re transforming Coworker here. We chose to move forward with an Interim role to create the spaciousness needed to move the most impactful, sustainable and transformative work possible during this transitional period.

We see this transition as the perfect moment to take pause and make mindful decisions about who we are as an organization and how we want to work together. As an organization transforming into one that centers Black and Brown working people it is crucial that we take this time to do both the internal and external work necessary to meet this important moment in the labor movement.

The Interim role will work closely with staff to evaluate the changing needs of the organization, steward us through our ongoing strategic planning, and help determine what our future leadership structure could look like.

To help guide this work, we’re joined by Raland Hatchett, our new Interim Executive Director. 

Raland joins with more than 15 years of nonprofit and business management experience. As President and CEO of R&H Professional Services, a strategic business consulting firm, Raland has earned a reputation for being a trusted influencer and strategist. He brings to the organization deep expertise in building, managing and empowering teams to operationalize diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

We are excited to move forward in this next chapter of our organization and we’ll continue to keep our community updated on our progress throughout the year.