Crowdsourced wage transparency spreadsheets are going ‘viral’. Are you ready to get involved?



Across industries, and across the country, workers are embracing the power of salary transparency using crowdsourced spreadsheets to share information about their compensation. Inspired by a spreadsheet created by adjunct professors at US universities, Art + Museum Transparency launched their own spreadsheet in May 2019 that quickly took off. Now, inspired by their efforts, Philly baristas have created a spreadsheet of their own.

In less than a week’s time, similar spreadsheets have popped up, crowdsourcing wage transparency among baristas in Seattle, Boston, Asheville, Austin, Cincinnati, Chicago, SE Michigan, Greenville, New York City, Portland, Denver, Colorado Springs, Dallas/Fort Worth, DC, New Haven, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. (Check out the links below for a full, updated list of spreadsheets.)

In addition to starting important conversations about compensation, pay equity, and benefits, the crowdsourced spreadsheets function as a critical tool for employees seeking to work collectively for better wages.

While sharing salary information is often implicitly (or explicitly) discouraged by employers, you have the legal right to share your own salary information. Under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act, The National Labor Relations Board has, “…long recognized that employees have a right to discuss wages and conditions of employment with third parties as well as each other.” (PDF Download) The Board has repeatedly made clear that these rights extend to online platforms.

These crowdsourced wage transparency efforts offer a powerful jumping-off point for industry-wide solidarity, discussions among coworkers, and, ultimately, a fight for fair wages and adequate benefits.

Ready to get involved? Below is a list of active wage transparency spreadsheets. Check out a map of local spreadsheets for baristas and other coffee workers here.

Want to start your own? Check out our Q&A with Arts + Museum Transparency for some tips before you get started. Feel free to reach out to Team Coworker at [email protected]. We’re also happy to help.

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