Gig Economy

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Gig Economy

New technologies affect us in our workplaces in different ways. In recent years, more people are doing work that is entirely mediated by app-based platforms, from cleaners and movers to transcriptionists and lawyers to drivers and dog walkers, and many more. While being managed by an algorithm can produce unique challenges, people are finding innovative ways to connect, raise their work-related concerns, and take action together.

As the nature of our work changes, the tools and resources that workers require to secure good, safe, and dignified work will evolve as well. People have used Coworker’s resources to create their own campaigns to improve their work in the gig economy. Coworker can be a place for continued innovation to ensure that the future of work is fair for workers.


Here’s what workers are saying about app-based food delivery


The Hidden Costs of Delivering Pizza


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Looking for information on how to effect change in the workplace?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive resource library to help guide your efforts. From knowing your rights to organizing your workplace, there’s something for everyone.

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