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About Us.

How do we ensure that our jobs are safe, satisfying, and secure in the 21st century? In what ways can working people effectively shift power in a rapidly changing economy? How do we create digital tools and communities for employees to share information, form collectives, and advocate for change? How do we prevent employers from dismantling hard-won labor and employment rights through increasingly sophisticated employer surveillance, data mining, and the fissuring of the workplace? At Coworker.org, we deploy digital tools, data, and strategies in service of helping people improve their work lives. Coworker.org is a laboratory for workers to experiment with power-building strategies and win meaningful changes in the 21st century economy. 

At Coworker, we invest in the brilliance of workers like you by hosting and promoting your workplace petition campaigns, prototyping fresh ideas for wielding influence in your companies and industries, researching answers to questions you pose to us about your working conditions, and leveraging our vast network of workers in a wide variety of industries to reveal new insights, analysis, and data about what’s happening in our economy. We support the leadership and vision of working people to imagine, design, and create our collective future.

Coworker.org is a nonprofit organization fiscally sponsored by the New Venture Fund. Contributions are tax deductible. If you have an idea to improve your workplace and are looking for support, or if you have a press inquiry, you can reach us at [email protected]. You can also contact individual campaign leaders through their petition pages.

To support our work, click here to make a tax-deductible contribution.

To give you a sense of the breadth and scope of our current work, Coworker.org staff are involved in the following projects:

  • Assisting drag performers in San Francisco who are campaigning to get clubs to pay, at a minimum, a $40 flat booking fee to all performers
  • Partnering with media organizations to gather information from workers at companies like Starbucks, Apple, and American Airlines about third-party benefits administrators and their impact on workers forced to interface with them to access benefits like workers’ comp.
  • Supporting the leadership of Rylinda Rhodes, former Comcast call center employee, who’s gone on to receive a Wayfinder Fellowship and funding from the TimesUp Legal Fund as part of her campaign to address sexual harassment in call centers
  • Partnering with a financial institution to launch a mutual aid fund to support workers in the tech industry engaged in workplace organizing

Our process is informed by experience.

Coworker is guided by nationally-recognized leaders.

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Raland Hatchett

Interim Executive Director

team member headshot

Raland Hatchett

Interim Executive Director

Raland Hatchett

Interim Executive Director

Raland Hatchett is President and CEO of R&H Professional Services, LLC, a strategic business consulting firm established in 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio. Raland Hatchett offers more than 15 years of nonprofit and for-profit management experience. Raland has earned a reputation for being a trusted influencer and strategist with the expertise to build, manage, direct, empower, and encourage diverse teams to advocate, elevate, and operationalize diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives as a business and community imperative, aligning with a region’s competitiveness in our global economy today and into the future. Mr. Hatchett has an MBA in finance from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management and is a graduate of the Leadership Cleveland Class of 2016. He is a graduate of Third Sector Company’s Interim Executives Academy (Class #8) in 2020. He is a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program in April 2019(Cohort 19). He has received many honors and awards including those being awarded by the Leadership Akron Alumni Association New Community Leader in 2018 and the Weatherhead School of Management Alumni Advisory Council, Class of 2016.

We’re humans, just like you. Together we can transform workplaces and the world.

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The Coworker team is a motivated group of individuals here to help you effect positive change. We’re here to listen, to question, to advise, and to support.

Our Team - Join The Team

We are a peer-based platform designed to support workers of all kinds.

The workplace is constantly evolving — and so is Coworker.org. We experiment. We reflect. We ask “Why?” And then we do it all over again.

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Thousands of Starbucks employees around the world have used Coworker’s resources to call for improvements in their workplaces.


Coworker is working to launch a crowdfunded mutual aid fund.


Coworker is a place for continued innovation to ensure that the future of work is fair for workers.

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