Fighting Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

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Fighting Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

In a broad range of industries, people are speaking out for safe and dignified workplaces free from harassment, discrimination, and abuse. Workers have used’s tools to start their own campaigns to fight for protection from harassment and retaliation for reporting abuse. They’ve also stood up to address some of the underlying contractual issues—like forced arbitration—that they say make it more difficult for victims to win justice.

From trucking to call centers to fast food, workers are taking action together—and is here to help. You can start your own campaign related to workplace harassment, lend your support to an ongoing campaign, or browse our resources about these issues.


Addressing Workplace Harassment Collectively


Women speak out about gender-based harassment in call centers


Employees fight for workplaces free of abuse


Harvard Law School Students Speak Out Against ‘Coercive’ Employment Contracts


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Looking for information on how to effect change in the workplace?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive resource library to help guide your efforts. From knowing your rights to organizing your workplace, there’s something for everyone.

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