Leadership Development

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Leadership Development

Winning changes in our workplaces and building worker power isn’t easy. But passionate people with the right tools and resources—and a bit of courage—can change the world. Coworker.org is committed to helping those who want to advocate for justice and fairness at work build their skills and leadership, and share what they’ve learned.

Our petition tool is a great place to start for those who want to improve something in their workplaces, but we also offer additional training and resources to help individuals and groups become movement leaders.

Most important, we’re here to help you become the leader who can win change. You can use the resources we provide here to get started, but let’s learn and build better workplaces through collaborating together.

Interested in requesting a training for yourself or a group of people you organize with? Reach out today.

Looking for information on how to effect change in the workplace?

We’ve compiled a comprehensive resource library to help guide your efforts. From knowing your rights to organizing your workplace, there’s something for everyone.

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