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HR BREW: Employee turnover is expensive—an algorithm could help (and also hurt)

February 28, 2023

“But the fear among advocates like Wilneida Negrón, director of policy research at the advocacy organization Coworker, is that many of the algorithms on the market could be used for punitive measures, like laying off workers deemed a flight risk.”

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ZDNET: Delta just made employees feel like average customers and they really don’t like it

February 11, 2023

“How do I know this? Well, Silviano Blan, a Delta flight attendant, has launched a petition for the airline to “Restore lounge access that employees paid for.”

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THE GUARDIAN: A world in which your boss spies on your brainwaves? That future is near

February 9, 2023

“A database of bossware found that more than 550 products are already in use in workplaces.”

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CHRON: H-E-B employee’s petition for grocery chain to change sick leave gains traction

February 1, 2023

“An anonymous H-E-B employee is calling for company CEO Howard Butt, III to change the grocery store’s sick day policy after alleging they were told to continue working after testing positive for COVID-19 on Jan. 1, 2023.”

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HOUSTON PUBLIC MEDIA: An online petition protesting H-E-B’s new COVID absence policy is almost at its goal

January 30, 2023

“The petition claims the San Antonio-based grocery chain replaced its previous COVID absence policy with one that penalizes employees who stay home after testing positive for COVID.”

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